Sunday, December 2, 2012

Home-made wreath

I have been off the grid, so to say, for a bit.  I was aghast when I read the date of my last post.
It seems as though life has been in fast forward yet slow-motion at the same time around here.  I have limited my extra curricular clubs and stopped coaching at school.  Trying to learn the word no, and to take care of myself.  It has been more challenging than I bargained for.  My natural response is to lend a helping hand (my heart) and my agreement with my self is to avoid another major burnout session (my head).

I am thankful today for the genuine kindness of a wonderful lady named Pat that I met last summer at a garage sale.  She sold the regular garage sale stuff plus these fabulous succulents in dorky little containers that made me laugh.  We hit it off and she welcomed me to stop by anytime.  

Months later I did just that.  She showed me around her home nursery and her creative combinations of thrift and wit in her plantings.  We chatted for a couple of hours- hours that I stole away from my normal momma weekend chores of errands and groceries.

A week ago Pat called me and invited me to a wreath making party she holds yearly.  I bundled up and headed to her place.  I met a group of wonderful women, created my own wreath, gabbed about everything from decorations, husbands, to kids.  But more than that I was honored to be welcomed by this group of gals.... ages from 40ish to 70ish with such a kind community spirit.

Today was a wonderful reminder of the honest, kind, and hardworking people around me.
For 2 hours of time spent with new friends, I have a new found cheer in my heart that was missing from this holiday season.  Thank you Pat!

A reminder to myself and you as well...  what you focus on gets bigger.  May a kind spark sent your way bring on a holiday cheer!

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