Monday, October 8, 2012

New product for me!

100% Cotton Dishtowel with a vintage image, totally washable, right into the dryer.  Simple.  No gas mask needed.  No fancy printer transfer paper.  Inexpensive.

Citrasolve was highlighted in the latest Somerset Studio Sept/Oct issue.  I was excited to read about the techniques shown and even more excited to learn they had an artist link on their blog.  Make sure and check out the links that they have and the various ways you can use their products.  I am pumped to see the options, the artists' featured and the possibilities offered.  I found the product at my local Fred Meyers, in the natural section- household cleaners (top shelf in Snohomish).

My dishtowels will be sold at the upcoming Ruffles and Rust this weekend.  A teapot, vintage feather, and and a wonderful bird.

Let me know if you try the other techniques listed, I haven't had time to try everything yet.  Hopefully after this upcoming show I can play some more!

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