Sunday, July 22, 2012

takin' the Scenic Route

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening at Pine Creek Farms and Nursery and had a wonderful day.  I visited with my fellow vendors, always enjoying the chatting of our group.

I met this little guy,  he has a passion for painting acrylics.  He created these two here and was and was happy to sit and discuss his painting techniques with me.  What a pleasure.  Kiddos like this just make me grin.  His parents were wonderful too btw.....  If anyone is interested in either painting, let me know and I'm sure I can make arrangements.  :)

The title of this post is the scenic route only because the content is not singular.  Does it go together really?  I don't really care (should I?)  Anyway it is my art world and all of this intertwined for me so I will put it together here...  

Big news for me this last week was that the City of Everett asked me to work on a piano for the annual Street Tunes.  SO PUMPED!  

so many ideas, how to do this, what 70's could it be ugh.... how mixed media-ish shall I go?  After consulting feverishly with my friend and creative guru Amy Duncan of Four Corners Design, and raiding her supplies, hubby and I hauled the piano home to my studio.  Thank you again Amy.

We managed to perch it on a cart and I primed and collaged away.  I am only going to show the back to you now, as the rest will be a surprise.  As always, the design process ebbs and flows. and really. how do you plan a mixed-media piano? I worked 11+ hours Wednesday, not sure on Thursday and had to get away from it yesterday.  I will need to deliver it on the 28th- so back at it I go.

My neighbors did come over and visit by the way.  Little kids down the street asked if I was having a garage sale. LOL.  My teenagers friends shake their head!  LOL.  
who knows what will be next.  that's the fun right?

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  1. I absolutely love the back!!! I've been wondering how it has been going - let me know if there's anything else I can do to help...


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