Sunday, July 15, 2012

i'm back

It's been quite a while since I have posted.  Life has required real face time, not facebook or blogger.  Ha ha.  I have managed pinterest (which, yes, I am addicted to) but not really anything else online.

I have been working on new paintings, printing on fabric (oh my..  I love) and always upcycling and playing with any vintage materials I can get my hands on.

I thought I would share a simple tutorial on making a dry erase board...  something easy and quick that anyone can do.  Often, I will use a vintage frame and burlap, but decided to use an old embroidered (and stained) hand towel instead.

 Clean up your old frame..  this one was nasty, I think the previous owner painted it with the glass in!

 Choose a fabric, something not too busy so your writing will show.  I like the discoloring on this one.

 My frame didn't have the backing board anymore, so I used a piece of cardboard.  I had to tape another piece onto it to make it fit right, but you can barely notice it in the finished product.  Make sure to use cardboard without writing, as it will show through your fabric.

Spray cardboard with Spray Adhesive, I like the Krylon kind.  You can find it just about anywhere.

Lay it on the fabric....  on wrong side in my case.  Make sure and leave enough fabric to wrap around the back side of your cardboard.

Cut it out and trim the corners for easy wrapping.

I have used spray adhesive here to but found my tape glider was quicker and easier.

 Replace the glass and sandwich your new fabric cardboard in there!


My New OLD dry erase board is ready to go.  Hung it in my studio last night!

Enjoy..  If you make one of these or have ideas for other materials than fabric or burlap, let me know!


  1. its brilliant to use a stained tea towel - gives the perfect about transfering one of your beautiful images onto an old tea towel and making up dry erase boards to sell...that's a thought...

  2. Great idea! LOVE it. Thanks Amy, you are so dang smart!
    I need to get some photo tips from you too .... I'm sure you can tell by that last photo :)

    ok.. blogger is having issues. I have typed this response 3 times now and it keeps disappearing before I can publish.


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