Sunday, May 13, 2012

r&r review

Ruffles & Rust Review
 Minda is the epitome of a Junker....  check out the gnome, boots and even her cart!  Her Cedarbough collection is my favorite booth everytime (and one that I buy at EVERY time )  this time I bought a sink that will be in my studio.  SO EXCITED
 My bright forks and spoons sold quickly.
 Funky lampshades sold too  :)
 We changed the booth up a bit this time, added a section of ladders and rusty roofing! Wow.  So glad my husband is handy!  Thank you Garm.
 Our uplights (birdhouse and globes)were a hit!
 Pine Creek's Farmgirl shirt.  I saw these walking around the show all weekend.

I am always surprised and excited at the creative displays and setups.  I, of course, was limited to my phone camera because i seem to have misplaced my real camera!  I didn't have a whole lot of time to meander and look at other booths, and when I did, i didn't have my phone with me.  I feel like I need to be cloned at these events!  Always so much going on and excitement in the air.  

We had a wonderful time, talked with new and repeat customers....  a huge thank you  btw!  
My buddy Wendy and I got to hang out all weekend together, a rarity. 
I had an excuse to wear underwear on top of my clothes, you had to be there
I danced in public, sang too
Opportunity to squeeze some baby cheeks
So many vendor friends, happy, charming, quirky in a great way, all supporting eachother!  What an adventure 


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  1. Hi there! it was great to meet you on Friday!!! wanted to let you know i just posted about my darling Bread box i snatched up from you! hoping you will still think of me if you ever want to part with that darling little xoox, tracie


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