Saturday, May 5, 2012

feeling kinda bound with duties right now!

My day job has been extremely busy with the demands of getting ready for state testing (next week btw), committees and meetings.

AC (on the right) getting a ride from his buddy

The kiddos here at home aren't exactly idle either!  My eldest is without his truck, making sharing cars and giving rides an added time management challenge.  My daughter is playing volleyball, doing great too, and I am helping coach.

Abby: self portrait (of course...  DRAMATIC :)  )
Joe, being Joe....  I think it is a grease mustache

Art wise, life is busy too.  Ruffles and Rust is quickly approaching and I have been working on some cool belt buckles that are inspired by my own artwork.  Maybe even a junk inspired (one with bling of course)  One of my old busts will work perfectly for display!

I have new work to display, some pieces that I have managed to squeeze in between life.  Some pieces that help maintain my sanity.  That is what this creative process provides me the most of.  My sanity, a balance to all the obligations, priorities, necessities of every day life.

Here a just a preview of items available in my booth at R&R next weekend!  Remember,
Art + Vintage = *GASP*


  1. have to work next saturday but hoping to pop by R & R in the afternoon - see you then!

    1. i have so missed ya! Hope all is going well :)

  2. I'm feeling bound by duties too! Frustrating! You still look like you're being very creative though :) Love the clever!


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