Monday, May 28, 2012

Farm Chicks, here I come!
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The show is right around the corner and we have been busy busy busy here!

We found some great new pieces and have been modifying them in the junkers way!  I have finished 2 new paintings and can't wait to have them up in the booth.  Hubby has come up with a new idea for my booth entrance and the LOVE theme of Farm Chicks is strong in the Latitude Studios booth.

These 2 1/2 feet tall metal letters will be hanging above my booth!  L  O  V   E
I am in booth 257-258, here is a complete vendor map.

On a personal note, this time of year is always exhilarating, as a teacher, the middle schoolers are all buzzing and we are getting ready for the end of year stuff.  Preparing for next year.  Finishing up units and combating the spring hormonal onslaught that tends to rage every spring.

At home, my kiddos are planning on summer adventures and my eldest is flying the coop on June 20th.  So much going on.  I tend to focus on the immediate need and put other things on the back burner...I've been pulling double duty with work for over the past month, getting ready for shows.  My kids have been on the back burner, not to say that they aren't taken care of because they are, but time spent with them hasn't been my focus.  After this weekend in Spokane, they are the target of my attention!  I'm pretty sure after one day they will all ask me what show is next!  but that is the normal teenage way and I can't wait!

If you can make it to Spokane, make sure to stop by.  I am in the main building up against a wall, booth 257-258, remember to check the map.  If you bring your hubbies, there is a man-cave near the entrance if he isn't the shopping type- but i am always excited at how many men enjoy this show...  there is truly something for everyone.

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  1. I will see you there - good luck with your prep and safe travels!


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