Tuesday, May 15, 2012

calm before the storm, the storm, + the calm again +

The calm:

  my day job, family, home, volleyball
is that really calm?  lol

The storm: 

 getting ready for Ruffles & Rust (I thought I was already!)
MSP (state testing)..  kids and staff on edge
Senior Son of mine, moving to Utah, aced his interview
Sophomore Son..  working too much, not enough sleep
Daughter.. student of the month  :)  school board meeting,
her essay on hardship and challenges that made me cry
working at school, working at home, not a real dinner on the table
not enough sleep
worried about the usual.
kids, money, time

The calm:

falling asleep after the show
1/2 hour after eating, on the couch
hubby covered me with a blanket
Sunday reading a book in the sun (imagine that here in the PNW in May!)
Monday meeting at a local restaurant with a friend
$.99 tacos and beers
stuffing 4 in my purse because they don't sell at that price "to go"
had to feed a boy  :)

Can you believe this dog?  she'll leave it on for days if we let her!

Yes, chicks did hicks!

enjoying my boys being boys...  no matter what age

my hubby installed my new studio sink.
even put up a shelf and stacked my old suitcases "suess-like", the way I like them

Upcoming Storm.....

Science symposium, volleyball coach, momma bear on watch (Yes, I am in mamma bear mode), 
School committee presentation for the entire staff, did I mention the normal calm items too (see above)...  i got a house sitter, dog sitter, kid sitter.. phew, just need new auto insurance and a big ass trailer to haul all my stuff to Spokane!  Wowza.  My google calendar is synced to my phone, but what did I forget to enter?  oh my.

All is well really, the rush and thrill of these shows and the demands is an absolute adventure.  You have to be of a certain kind of person to enjoy it (and put yourself through it!)  I do love it really.
I have met some wonderful people!  I end up laughing (really loudly), doing something dorky, giggling with absolute strangers, and having a wonderful time.

And,,, Tracie of Fishtail Cottage, I have a post in mind for you tomorrow!
Now, at 9 pm...  it's bedtime!  good night everyone  

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