Monday, April 16, 2012

Usin' it again!

I have been playing a game that has sat in my cupboard for a while now...  anyone else have the stacking bottle cap game?  I found an image here.  For any of you out there that now have kids in your teens, you most likely also have a board game cabinet that is lonely, abandoned, and basically unused.

This specific game has been un touched for years.  A while back it fell out when I opened the cupboard (lol) and I remembered how smooth the game pieces felt.  They are all pre sanded and so easy to drill.

I added a paper clay piece coated with acrylic to keep it safe, some jewelry notion cord stuff I found laying around, an old button for a closure and viola!  The pendant itself is a bit larger than a quarter.... but not to big at all!  I'm working on some birds, and more letters too!  

I'll be selling them at my upcoming shows.. check it out

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