Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's spring break. 
no work outside the house 

i am working on my mojo.
I didn't get into an important show 
kinda felt bummed.

looking back at my work, i have to remember how I felt as I created.
a bliss.

i don't paint or create for anyone but me. 
if someone buys a print OR 
better yet, an original... so much better.

this is all about me

I create
I relax
I inhale
I dig deep and let go

i feel better

this is my sanctuary
breathe in and 
live every day

thank you sweet bell
for the reminder!


  1. I agree! A fabulous reflection :) I can relate!

  2. Sometimes it's so hard to get past the let down, and then once you sink back into the creative process.... It feels wonderful again! what a ride!


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