Monday, March 19, 2012

studio time

tid bits of my new studio and work in progress

 finally have all my books in one place......  I think it's called bibliophile.  My hubby reminds me we don't have little kids any more, but I just can't ignore those cool illustrations!

 Be Bold, a composition in progress!

 a ladder, intended for a creative use to be disclosed latter! 

My apron and 70's smock- both necessary for creative endeavors. 

 My old door, 7 feet tall, still missing the glass, yet resurrected from the trash.  Bound for GLORY!

 The house that Tom and Jodene Built, on my work table.  Inspiration, food for thought.

 I keep on thinking......   you can do it!

 Playing around with colors is a wonderful thing.

Honoring your heritage, where you come from is powerful, insightful, and often scary.
trust yourself.  it is empowering.

It has been a hard week, and it is only Monday.  I thank my husband so much for offering me this wonderful studio space just for me.  With a full life at work and home, my studio is my refuge.
So glad for the much needed alone time tonight.

For those that know me well, you understand my struggles tonight.   The rest of 
you:  I may share tomorrow...  I'm not sure.


  1. wow! I love your reflective post. Wonderful images. I'm sorry to hear of your struggle though :(

  2. It's just that an amazing friend lost her battle to cancer. Her daughter happens to be my best friend. She is who I am named after..... the connections go on and on. I have lost my father and still miss him. I have been where my friend is and I know there is nothing I can do for her. but be here!


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