Tuesday, March 6, 2012

oh my.

free prints at Ben Franklin!  

starting this weekend!

 I just got the press packet.  still not quite believen all of this.  I feel so grateful for all of the support and encouragement my friends at Ben Franklin have given me.

I remember shopping here as a little girl.  Before they were in their current building, my mom would take me for crafty items.  In high school, I bought the fabric for my Home Ec class project (the pink shirt I never wore).  I have taken my kids here over and over through the years... (I remember when they still fit in a cart) sometimes to buy things, other times to visit the eye candy that is everywhere and dream.  When I married my husband, I bought chimes here for our pastor.  I still peruse the aisles to see what is new and ask questions of the smart ladies that offer advice.

So again,  thank you Ben Franklin for all of your encouragement, for believing in me and my art!

Hope to see you, stop by and visit, my dorky self will be there :)

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