Tuesday, February 28, 2012

wet paint

So, for now anyway, this is the only pic I will share of my new creative space!  This is the entry to my Once Garage-now Studio!

My husband, who recognizes me as a painter, had to comment......"why do I let you paint?"
In all fairness, he has a point.

Together, we have painted the outsides and insides of 2 homes.  Usually it is me covered in paint, spilling, messing up, not paying attention to details.  Usually it is me goofing around and someone (most likely him) getting a stripe of paint on their backside when they are not paying attention.

When he was ready to paint, I asked him what I could do to help.   He pointed to the entry way..... "paint 'caution' on the floor".   I painted "wet paint", brushed the bottom of my shoe to add some details and proceeded to slip!   Notice right above the t in wet.  This one reason I readily admit I am a dork* and often prone to slips, drips, drops, brainfarts, and the like.

The both of us did add some personality to the painting of the walls, as he says, adding to the adventure.  When we get closer I will show more.

Have a great day, and enjoy your own adventure!

*hubby says I should restrict my use of the word dork.....  any thoughts on the subject.  I know it can mean something else, but really?  Please let me know!


  1. Jody, I absolutely love the WET PAINT and footprints! I hope you're planning to leave them in your new space; it makes it so playful and welcoming! xo

  2. THANKS AIMEE! I do plan on leaving it. We just moved the bulk of stuff into my new space and will spend today trying to organize it! After a late night painting experiment (unplanned of course) I have some new touches to share. So great to hear from you! J


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