Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend away

My hubby and I had a wonderful two night get away.  He took me to Vancouver BC, planned it so we were close to the amazing Granville Island! we toured the island and perused the shops.
I even got to draw   :)

this is at Make 
they had these wonderful huge preschool crayons that were big and bold   (the worker said the dollar store)
  I couldn't resist leaving my blog address...   whOot     lol.  I wish i could go back and see what anyone else added to my drawing.  they leave the paper on a table in the middle of the store for ANYONE to color on!  gotta love it.  I am wondering if my principal will let me do this in the cafeteria?

Peter and his wife, coooool  stuff, such a wonderful and friendly couple!  thanks for the dinner ideas.

 we saw all kinds of art, I was pumped full of inspiration, met some wonderful and talented people.  (i tend to talk to anyone who will listen  ha) My hubby is the quiet one, yet I seem to end up making friends.  He totally gets a kick out of it thankfully, we do make a nice pair :)

gas town in Vancouver is dang cool.  the night was drizzly and cool but we walked the streets and took in the sites.  Had a great dinner at a place called the Six Acres and again befriended the chaps next to us (they were kind enough to take our pic)

Our view from our spot at the upstairs bar was amazing.  just like we were on an old European street.  A sculpture was riggt outside and the old style lamp post lit up the street.

 If we were in a familiar place, and didn't need to drive, we did consider drinking the place dry

We went to a Vancouver establishment called John Fleuvog Shoes.  oh my..  I did find a pair I love, just a TAD out of my price range....

if you look closely, you will find an accordion player sitting atop this statue.  He played while his dog collected donations at the base.

this weekend was wonderful, just perfect for a breather, a re-energizer....  for both the creative side of me and for our marriage.  There is nothing like focusing on eachother, being with your companion, reconnecting after all the normal daily stuff, and for appreciating what you have....

and (Ha Ha) knowing your life is  better because of it.....


  1. sounds like it was wonderful! I adore Vancouver and would move there in a heartbeat if I could!

  2. I agree! We had so much fun.. Enjoyed the history, the art vibe... Can't wait to go back


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