Monday, February 13, 2012

The House that Tom and Jodene Built

the house that Tom and Jo Built.
this one is personal.

my best friend Wendy.  Her mom Jodene is in the fight of her life.

together she and Tom have built an incredible life.  worked in a community.
a community of faith, family, friends, our own hometown.

i have an unusual tie to my friends mom.  I was named after her.  My 3rd son is named after her husband, Thomas Axel.

Jodene has always been in my life.  always a supporter.  full of encouragement.  offering faith, with a twist of realism.  she is an incredible life force.  like her family, i believe in miracles!



  1. I met Jodene and Tom when I was a 20 year old. Working at "Place II," which was an old Division of Nordstom, in Everett.
    They "reappeared in my life in the early 90's. Not because I yet went to the Salon,,,,,,But my Fiance' and soon to be Husband Karl, went to see Tom. According to my THEN husband, he even played Golf with Tom.
    My husband died in a car accident in 1994. And some years later, I "found" the Salon myself.......No longer with Nordstrom, but still familiar in a myriad of Connections/Associations with Tom and Jodene.

    I can't say WHEN, exactly, I re-connected with the Salon and became a client of Ericka (Because Jodene wasn't taking any more clients at the time) But I CAN say that I got to know and love everyone working there.

    I feel blessed to be part of this "Family" this Community, they all mean the world to me. And You Jodi, your art, talents and heart.

    Prayer's for our Jodene, her family and I truly have felt blessed to be just a little part of it! Their presence and inspiration, mean the World!

    Congrats on your Work w/Ben Franklin! You SO deserve it!

    Sometimes, we have to take the Bitter with the Sweet~

    Hugs & Love,

  2. my dear, you have become part of life and I am so grateful. It is so odd when you think of the connections that are made through this and that. life is amazingly wonderful and painful at the same time


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