Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My First Adult Art Class!


A wonderful opportunity to create a unique gift for that special someone

You guys know that usually I get to play with kids, playing with paint, upcycled materials, and whatever other art materials I can get my hands on.  For the first time, I've decided to play with the big kids!

Yup.. from middle school students to the fellow middle age.. I don't know if that is a good advertisement or not?  oh well..   For those that know me, this is not a surprise, and those that don't will find out how honest I am.  LOL.  Really any adults are invited!

We will work with soap boxes and turn them into unique works of art, individualized for you!  Just bring in the supply list posted above, and be willing to improvise.  You will leave with a wonderful gift, a keepsake, a work of art.  REALLY!  You will be amazed at what you can do.

Relax, there is no experience necessary.  You will be among friends (btw, BRING THEM!)  and all of us are more than capable of mistakes.  The cool part of art is that this just leads to creative solutions.

We will be working in Gwen and Paul's wonderful airy loft above Pine Creek's gift shop.  The space is absolutely inspiring!

No worries, just creative time to enjoy.

Please email any questions----  class minimum required...  rsvp soon!


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