Monday, October 24, 2011

still processing!

What a wonderful and exhausting weekend at the Ruffles and Rust event in Monroe this last weekend.  I am still trying to recover, and still trying to process the success I was so blessed with.

a few great things:
i laughed like crazy
hugged new and old friends
re acquainted with repeat customers
got a loud "hell ya"i got a tearful "i am proud of you"
my mom came and saw my booth
my buds from school came and saw what i do and were AMAZED 
got help from my boys
found my 11 yr old cowboy boots (major hugs)
garm pushed me across the parking lot on my cart (love it!)

i just bought a new bed

I have new pics, thanks to Amber.  So sweet of a lady and so talented as well.

I am going to bed tonight, dreaming of the sleep country delivery truck that will be here tomorrow!

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