Wednesday, August 3, 2011

repurpose... upcycle

sometimes life is funny.  my hubby and i happened to meet this guy via craiglist (hubby chasing a canopy)  when we met him to look at it one thing led to another..  and no dirty thoughts out there.... our conversation veered off to my studio spreading all over the house

the title from my newest painting  :)

and how I love to bring things home.  I have found many things over the years

a barn door that i fell in love with.  i just couldn't pass up the wonderful paint- there is no way to recreate the cracks and the character!

a office chair that had cracking upholstery.  the neighbor that was moving just gave it to me....  FREE!  I have since re-covered it but my family was shaking their heads as i wheeled it very very noisily down the street home  :)

this is my latest find!  I am in LOVE.  hubby didn't even roll his eyes on this one!

i don't have a pic, but one day i took the dog for a walk and found a barbecue someone had set out on the street.  I left with the dog on a leash and came home with the dog and a barbeque!

so anyway, back to our craigslist friend.  he had a business that went capoot and asked us if we neeeded any doors.  after paroosing his stuff (both my hubby and i wishing we had major cash)  we left with 2 hollow doors.

these are not the doors, but the repurposed side effects.  hubby cut them down with his table saw and filled the edges, i am now the very very happy owner of 5 new canvases!  this is just from one of the doors  :)  they don't warp, i can add as many layers as i want, and of course, the cost can't be beat!  I have already covered 2, now 3 to go!  hubby needs to make some time to work on door number 2!  :)

 these new canvases are amazing....  they are 1 1/2 inches deep and i am lovin what it does!  

the sun comes in my studio in the mornings!  i feel so blessed. 

happy creating everyone.


  1. good for you! I read about using hollow core doors as canvases a couple of years ago - tried to talk co-workers at lowes into cutting one down for me, but couldn't convince them to do it (damn those safety issues!)
    will these new honeys be at fresh paint?!

  2. yes mam! i am looking forward to fresh paint... are you ready?

  3. Never thought of this. What a great idea. Unfortunately when I took our old back door off it was metal. But I AM thinking about just painting the whole thing!


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