Sunday, July 17, 2011

a love story

I was totally inspired by fellow blogger Alisa Burke and had to paint.  the studio space is a mess.  but i got messy and had a blast!  i started with local topographic maps (step son says i am a map murderer  hahaha) and a cool sea map of the strait of juan de fuca---  and a few sewing pattern things in too, just for good meausure.  i   sure am funny tonight!

anyway, here is the start..

i covered it all with a coat of titan buff/ water and then started adding color! i nabbed the costco sized egg carton and used it to add lovely turquoise texture everywhere.  my roller was very busy too. 

Alysa used shoe polish to add her text and that idea sounded like fun.  i went to Freddy's yesterday and got some but when my canvas was ready, i tested the polish on a different canvas.  :(  definitely not the same kind of results, i got dull gray ucky.   a tad disappointed, i looked for something else to write with big and sloppy.  i grabbed the shiva oil paint sticks.  yes...  messy and fun.

once it dries i plan to hang it over our bed. i still have a few more details to add but am thrilled with the messiness of it all.  my hubby and i both agreed on the rumi poem after much searching.  

 Thanks Alisa for the inspiration!


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