Thursday, June 9, 2011

Farm Chicks

We had 

lots of customers waiting

incredible displays

It was a whirlwind of a weekend!

I still have more  photos to share..... and of course links too!

but please, this is the first day for me to feel human..

i have been down with "walking pneumonia" and today is the 
first day I put real clothes on and stayed out of bed for more than five minutes all week.  It almost feels surreal with all that 
has happened in the last 2 weeks to come to such a screeching halt.  My husband says it is the only way for me to slow down.  Papa says
that's the all us Raines girls are...  just don't sit still.
how can you when there is stuff to be done?
anyway, trying to not overdue it.  RIGHT. 

i am just very thankful my family is supportive of me
galavanting across the state to such a amAZInG event.  they 
don't truly understand how this has just solidified and glorified my 
junk /garage sale/ treasure hunting fetish.  hahaha.

we'll keep this to ourselves.
it's probly a good thing i missed the fancy dinner
missed the glampers on the river
i missed some fun

but....  i think i kept myself outta trouble  :)

Serena (& crew) and the other vendors were phenomenal.  every where you went there was laughter and you could tell you were among friends. thanks everyone.   


  1. glad to hear it went well - but sorry that you are ailing now...take care and feel better soon!

  2. Hello! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog (ya know how much that means to me!!) I haven't been home in TEN days . . . so you can imagine the mess I'm facing! So sorry to hear about your illness and hope you're feeling better. I have trouble slowing the train down too . . . be good to yourself, sweetness!!


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