Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scotty Part 1

Day one of Scotty Repair... 
Hubby is not sure if I have bitten off
more than he can chew!

I am truly excited about the project although
others may not share my enthusiasm
for the project or the 

That's ok.  
they can feel how they want.  I am pumped.  
my little scotty will be somewhat operational for our
journey to Whidbey Island on the 9th for 
Choochokam Arts festival.

I saw my booth assignment yesterday and you can find me on the water side of the festival, near the best pizza in town.

We'll be able to sleep and hopefully have functional running water.
pulling it may be an issue!  We are going to borrow my sons
rattle can black supersized chev pu.  ugh.
i guess the good thing is they will be from the same era  :)

the holes have been patched and repaired (thanks my dear)
 and I am working on the aesthetics part of course.

I pulled a jody, covered all the cupboard with my favorite paper.  
they looked so cool!

I figured out after the fact that I had covered the 
INSIDE of the damn things!   uffdah

so now, i get to do the outside :)
i may have used some bad words when i figured this one out

Next step:  find material to cover the cushions..  haven't upholstered
anything like this before.  there may be some inflammatory words involved here, but it's all an adventure right?

anyone have any funky ideas for cushions?  my goal is free, cheap, different.  they will get dirty.  white is NOT a good idea for me.

I plan on using the trailer to haul art stuff, sleep at shows, and i may allow kids?  ha ha.  dogs too.


  1. That sounds like such a blast. I showed my guy the same idea about a year ago. He keeps pulling up wifi, solar powered new airstreams! Funky is what it's all about. Covering the wrong side of the cupboards, that is something I would do. Idea's for cushions....Oilcloth. Then you can just wipe them down. Or, I just recently got some aqua with big white dots at Ikea on sale. There fabric is a great heavier weight, and cool bright colors. Of course I dipped mine in tea.

  2. sweet! thanks Krys. gotta love ikea. I just finished painting the brown and gold stove and oven, will post pics soon. thanks for the comment:)


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