Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Here is my dad..   what a guy.  
You know that song by Hewey Lewis, "I want a new drug".....One of my memories of him is when we were driving down the road in his old truck and that song was on the radio.  As I was singing "I want a new TRUCK", I told him how nice it was that there were new songs NOT about drugs!  He didn't even crack a smile.  Wow...  I don't think i could manage that one.  He has been gone now for 15 years.  

Miss ya and love you more than you ever knew.  

 This weekend has been full... 

my best teacher buddy is retiring after a long and successful career.  I have never seen a teacher hand out so many compliments to kids or have so many students return and visit.  EVER.  He will be missed, by me and many others.  But by me the most  :)

We have collected letters from friends, students, and co-workers and i worked on my first meaningful handmade book.  talk about stressful- i wanted it to be perfect for my friend and i used lots of techniques on this project for the first time.  Im feeling ok about the results.  i know that if i had 3 more weeks, i still wouldn't be finished.  i just want it to be meaningful for him.  
Thank you Marshall!

He is a mentor, a leader

More of the busy weekend:

Other weekend project, yes of equal importance.  FATHERS DAY HERE AT HOME.  
Here is "Garmy's Garden".  My daughter and I created a salad bowl for my health conscience hubby.   Lettuce, Leeks, spinach, and broccoli!  of course, in a repurposed container.

hopefully, we'll keep it alive all summer!

xoxo to my love.

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