Saturday, April 16, 2011

Inspiring Pals

I am so thankful for the talented and creative friends in my life.  They are incredible, they are supportive, they are a life line.  Sometimes the other artists in our lives understand the best.
Thank you to all.
btw...  i am only mentioning a two tonight. please no one be offended :)

My bud Amy, at Four Corners Design, is amaZINg at coming up with uses for everyday stuff!  Check out this garden shelf made from an old metal tray.  

Dana, of Urban Utopia Photography, not only has an amazing sense of humor, but also a romantic side...  check out her blog.  :)
cool imagery


  1. thank you kindly - you are pretty amazing yourself!

  2. :) We need to get together my dear. I feel a need! Plus i want to talk about OUR creative connection!


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