Wednesday, February 23, 2011

side tracked

ok, so i still haven't posted pics of ruffles and rust.  
i am so an amateur photographer! 

{note to self: sign up for that digital photography class} 

looking at all the fab pics posted by the pros, mine are a tad un______.... you fill in.

i get an idea. and then


as i sat at the dr's office AGAIN,  i was reading Where Women Create and drooling over the creative spaces that these ladies have carved out for themselves.  thinking, yeah right!  how is this mom of many, teacher of more, side tracked, scatter brained, artnerd ever going to be able to afford something like that?  even better question:  how the H E double hockey sticks would i even keep it so organized?  so pretty.

{note to you all:  when i get an idea, it's like a tazmanian devil- picture road runner cartoons of old- goes off and stuff lands everywhere.  
my hubby is amazed how i seem to cover every horizontal surface}


in the mag, i read an article that said be careful what you wish for.  i guess there are artists out there that have dream studios and are afraid to step foot in them for what they may mess up!  

i don't have that problem

just wear shoes to protect your feet  :)

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