Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just you wait!

one of my true loves is upcycling..... for many reasons.  economically, i have never been able to afford lots of brand new stuff to art with....  i have always loved the thrill of the hunt for "stuff" and the omg, look what i found!  i think it takes a little insight to take something that would be tossed and create something useful, purposeful, and worthwhile.  plus, of course, the whole recycle thing!  
upcycled treasures have stories to share. 

I have been working like crazy....  (i know i am driving my kids crazy- mission accomplished, lol).  i have been full of ideas for the quickly approaching ruffles and rust show in monroe!  So many that my home has been overrun.  my bff has tried an intervention, my kids are at their wits end.  there is art stuff everywhere!    haha hahaaaaaa.......  i kinda feel like a mad scientist :) 

here is pearl.  she was a gift from a wonderful seamstress friend (wait and see the cool thing Saturday).  she is not quite finished.  isn't she bedazzling already?
her print holder around her neck is made from a garage sale garden fence, curtain rings, and ribbon i've had for 10 years.  the tripod (under her skirt :) ) is from the goodwill!

I have new products, not just prints..  you will have to wait and see.  

the before mentioned bff (wendy) and i will be sporting our hats on friday night.  if you are interested, the party Friday was a blast last time and i am more than excited for this part- plus you get first chance at all the cool stuff!  

if you want to come on over to Monroe on Saturday, make sure and print this coupon for a discount!  Print as many as you want and share with your pals too.

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