Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have some outspoken women in my family.  i also have some very creative women in my family.  

my aunt denise fits in both categories and currently she is enjoying her notoriety as a hooker!  I started this bag for her and "misplaced" it twice in our families two moves since.  she was heading out to a hooking camp this next week and just had to finish it.  (don't think i can get away with it being a christmas gift AGAIN next year too!)

i had a great time making these bags.  i used up every old thomas guide i could get my hands on, some weird material someone gave me and this strapping that grandma was 
going to throw out.

this is not aunt denise's rug, but it is an example of a hooked rug.
you didn't think i was talking of anything else right?

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