Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to school

we have been back to school now for 2 days. since that time my house has gone through strep throat, one diagnosed at least. one kiddo came home and slept till dinner and another slept through school till 1:00 today. I slept till 7 am this morning (alarm started going off at 5:45) OOPS

the dog went through my purse sometime between 1am and 7. emptied it all and ate dental floss and that cute little toothpaste you get from the dentist- sorry Richard.
chewed new shoe lace I replaced last weekend.

Got home from work, entered mom mode, made dinner (used leftovers from last night), morphed into science tutor then fractioneer and then back to molecular madwoman again. I have a science degree- that equation should be simple....... urgh.

no one seems to be able to get back on the normal schedule. hopefully tomorrow!

someone texted my son- it's snowing. Had to check to see if school was closed........


jheez....... studio is where?

Sometimes when all else is frustrating..... JUST GO TO BED. :)

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