Sunday, December 5, 2010

soul food

Had an absolutely incredible weekend in Ballard! The show, Soulumination, was incredible. Not just sales, but the people, the kids, the families.

The portraits hung all around the studio were incredible. I saw Lynette, the founder, interacting with so many of the families she had touched with her foundation- the work of soulumination. I overheard children saying that they remembered when that picture was taken, I met administrators that brightened when they re-united with the families.

I feel blessed to have been part of this event and hope that I can participate again next year!

BTW, the foundation had a GREAT Saturday. Evidently it was better than any 2 days combined so far! I hope we touched many more families this weekend! Thank you customers. Thank you Lynette for the work you do and inspire in others.



  1. That sounds great. We are on vacation in CA...sorry I missed it. You have a great site here. I love brandi Carlile too. So her concert at Benaroya hall recently.....AWESOME.

  2. Thanks so much! I checked out your blog, pretty cool! I have been an admirer of Bunnies by the Bay for years. What an incredible way to practice art- in your own neighborhood and with your sister too!

    It looks like we follow a few of the same blogs and Brandi was AWESOME at Benaroya! My hubby and I were 2nd row :)

    I have an opening (my first) on Queene Anne this Sunday if you are around. It would be great to meet you!


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