Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Angels among us

This gal was inspired by a post by Jana of Joyworks, she graciously showed me her trees first hand after I saw them on her blog and drove down to get a better look. Thanks Jana! check out her wonderful book trees and go see the shop firsthand, it's decked out in true style. I have to say I rarely leave there with out a purchase or at least a giant wish list!

I am always fond of using inexpensive materials, but using a discarded book to create art just makes me feel all silly inside. Nobody else wanted this book, it would have been tossed (I got it on a free shelf!) and then with a little love and time, the devotion is shared. Wow, I love making art. Not to mention the look on people's face as i casually fold a book while waiting at the Doctor's office. .lol....

My book angels were a grand success this past weekend and am working (or thinking....) on how to use them for spring time. Yup, thinking bout Ruffles and Rust. In the mean time, I will make a few more and see what happens. the next one will live forever at my house, we need to update our Christmas decor!

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