Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow days

Gotta love snow days! Papa took the kids to my cousins where there is a huge hill.. I don't drive in this stuff. After all i can say i have concerned- avoiding anxiety attacks driving in the snow is not one of them! Maybe someday....

I have enjoyed a day of painting and what have you. No kids and having to use what i have on hand.... I can't find the camera ( I think it is in my daughter's room- SCARY) so I took the following pics with my cell phone. I have spent the day repurposing just about everything. my aunt gave me these real cool little glass bottles and my mind has been going round with them.... so cool, but useful? I have more ideas, but for now, they are drying and I can spruce them up later. My hubby has upcycled some cool old tables into a secret i will share later... after what i am sure will be an argument about painting. :)

Getting ready for my opening reception feels daunting. the walls are so big and so is the potential for exposure. DEEP BREATHE.


  1. love the bottles - and the hairpin holding the embossed words together! I'm jealous that you had a day of making art with no distractions - lucky you!

  2. how was the paint dept? I cracked up when I read your post about priming. I HATE PRIMING!


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