Saturday, November 6, 2010

Great Saturday Morning

Had a wonderful chat with my cousin Will this morning, not to mention a great hair cut. My kids and I headed out at 8 this morning for our trip to Queen Anne. It's always an adventure heading down town. Living here in rural Snohomish, we don't always get the chance to see urban life. Our cross section of people we encounter is drastically different to say the least! Anyway, it's good for the kids to see all the different ways we live and start to consider the possibilities outside of our little bubble here..... plus, it's not every day of the week that you get a Dick's burger for breakfast!

Will has an eye for sure. At his place, all of the stations are old dressing tables- covered in images. Some of these are vintage (of our family), some from his portfolio- gotta check that out, and some are just dang cool. I'll be having an opening at Nucleus next month, of course there will be more information later! for now, save the date December 12th!

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