Thursday, September 9, 2010


Wow... back to school. This year I teach Art, Technology, and Math. I have a Junior and a Freshman in highschool, a seventh grader and a 5th grader. All seem to be adjusting fairly well, except for being really tired... me as well.

One member of our household doesn't seem to be handeling it well.. that would be the wild "Crazy Daisy" that we all love and shake our head at. She is the combo Australian Shepard and Border Collie that has a lot of energy, and loves to be around us. We were gone all day, this is what kept her busy...

This use to be my earphones for an i-pod and my favorite sketching pencil.... go figure.


  1. yes, those border collies have a lot of energy! years ago I had one who dragged the christmas tree through the house while we were out- she was a fiesty one!
    good luck with your show this weekend!

  2. I decided not to go......
    I saw your post on home and gift show- too exciting. I will be there too. Our booth numbers are like a hundred off though... bummer. I didn't realize that you were a part of the Salvage Studio, woodinville/bothell right? I have heard it was AMAZING.
    Would you ever be interested in a "retreat" of sorts? something creative we could start locally?


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