Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Nest

There's a change here, a good one! My oldest son is moving home- he had tried living at his dad's house for a while and now he is on his way here. xoxo

Because of this, we've rearranged our home a little. I moved my studio into the teenager's old room and now the 2 teenage boys will set up out in the converted garage(my old studio space). The two are so big, there is no way they could have fit in the bedroom together!

My new space is much smaller, I am hoping that it will force me to be a little more organized. I know, lol. positive thinking and all!

I started working in here yesterday after the big move. Vintage birds have always struck a fancy with me so I changed my subject matter just a bit with the change of scenery. I started two new compositions on collages of old music sheets. The pic above is still very much a work in process but I am happy with it so far. I took bits of an old book, used a distressing ink, cut it into tiny pieces and collaged them to create the nest. TALK ABOUT MESSY FINGERS!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jody, I found your wonderful art on Etsy which led me to your blog--I love your style--so glad that I found you. I will be looking forward to your future posts!


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