Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fresh Paint

Wow! What fun.....
My kids helped me out at Fresh Paint in Everett, and we had a fab time. My teenage boys asked people to contribute to my art while I worked the booth. Kids and adults alike wrote messages, signed their names and shared favorite quotes on scraps of paper that we then collaged. On Sunday I painted these two aquatic creatures, based on what kids wanted! what fun......
customers were asking if I would put on Birthday parties for kids- wouldn't that be a blast!

I am still recovering from a very busy weekend, had to use someone elses computer to post today, my hard drive is dead. New one arrived today and will hopefully be back to me working tonight! Wish me luck... it is very strange to be without my trusty laptop!


  1. jody - love what you did! I so wanted to come see your booth at Fresh Paint - but my canopy collapsed with rain saturday night so I had my hands full on sunday morning! and just never seemed to get it together to make it down to the other end - glad you had a good show!

  2. What an Excellent idea!! And wonderful--what you came up with. I feel for you with your computer. I just got my old laptop replaced (the "old" one was only 8 months old) Luckily we were able to save the hard drive from it--good luck with yours!

  3. I will pick up the old computer today and will try to figure it all out, just more time right? :) All is good.
    Amy, I walked most of the booths and didn't see you..... where were you? Was it a good show for you?

  4. Jody - at fresh paint, I was down across from Lombardi's - got alot of traffic from the farmers market - but then lots of people too that didn't understand the tents and the artists - thought we were part of the farmer's market! show was ok - not as good as last year but came out ahead - which is always good!
    sorry you are having computer problems...I dropped my camera at fresh paint but luckily after an hour of fiddling with it, got it to work again! was just thinking I needed a new camera...it must have heard me!


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