Thursday, July 22, 2010

What is she?

What does she say to you? Is there a feeling, emotion, does a word pop into your head? I'm curious, Let me know.....

I am in painting mode. I sold quite a few originals this past two weeks (I know, boo-hoo) and need to get to work now. It is strange, i didn't expect to feel a sense of loss when a painting walked away from me. It's like loss mixed with total elation that someone likes my work. Mixed emotions AGAIN! ha ha


  1. reminiscing...remembering a past moment with pleasure tinged with regret

  2. mus·ing   /ˈmyuzɪŋ/ Show Spelled[myoo-zing] Show IPA
    1. absorbed in thought; meditative.
    2. contemplation; reflection.


  3. hmmmmm. cool. different :) I like it too.


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