Saturday, July 31, 2010

Touch of Whimsey

I have been painting like a mad woman. My son and I did a current inventory and the results were...... you better get busy lady! I teach summer school next week and the new school year is just around the corner. Back to my day job :)

I tried a few new things with some of my favorite materials too! this second painting, Just Imagine, is painted on my fav collage material, a hand written ledger- only with a twist. I wove the papers like what we all did in grade school. It was tricky to paint on, definitely not a solid surface. My only disappointment was that you can't really see the contrast I originally saw with the text going different directions. I think maybe next time I will start with more contrasting papers- one vertical and one horizontal. And the crowned girl herself is unusual for me....... funky hair that was a blast to experiment with.

Melodie Travels in her Mind is the top painting. She has suitcases and vintage air balloons in the background along with sheets of music and an unusual perspective.. my kiddos say she looks like an alien. I don't care. This is the way i travel too. I have been to the eiffel tower and all the museums in Europe this way. I have also (in my mind of course) traveled to Italy and survived on wine, bread, and cheese.


I haven't added these to Etsy yet, but you should check out the site if you haven't before. My stuff is for sale there, of course, but there are so many talented artists and craftsman of every variety show cased here. Click the link to the right or click the link on "stuff".

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