Monday, July 12, 2010

Arts Festival

Wow! what a great event. we had sunshine and happy faces for a wonderful weekend at Langley's Choochokum arts festival.

My upcycled booth got quite a few comments, especially when folks noticed that my original paintings were hanging on a 35 year old hamburger menu and my neighbor's old fence!

I met some wonderful people: artists, new costumers :), nut vendors- really......., a wonderful gal from New Zealand, an Italian biologist and her hubby, potential business contacts, I can't even name them all!
Basically, we laughed- and got a little teary at times, and made some fab connections. I had forgotten how much i really enjoy these events.

My art was received well, I am full of gratitude for the praise. My work is only 3 months old and born of a need to deal with a death in my family, so the response was a bit overwhelming. I am thankful for the comments from the professional artists, fellow vendors, and the every day art admirer's.

As far as the charms go, I can't put in words how I felt when people looked at the images and grinned to them selves. They are so dorky, i giggled as i created them- it is wonderful to see the same reaction.

For all of you I met this weekend, THANK YOU. it was fabulous. I hope to see you soon, or at least be in contact. visit me here at my blog, leave a comment. Keep in touch.

I sent off an email to the Anacortes arts festival in August asking for a booth. We'll see. I'll post any updates here as soon as I can.

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