Monday, June 7, 2010

Well, I have had another day full of art! No complaints here. My lovely companion Daisy (border collie-adhd dog) is happily munching on a new bone, kids are in bed, and I am enjoying some quiet.

Are you wondering why latitude? I have 2 reasons (at least)
If you look very carefully at the blooms above, you will see a compass and very cool parts of an old topographic map.

The dictionary definition says..

1. Freedom of action or choice.
This just about suits me right now. It is refreshing trying something that you don't know if you are supposed to do. I enjoy reading about other artists' techniques, but the most exciting part is when I plain just see "what if"

2. I love maps more than anything. Old ones, new ones, home made, kid made- it doesn't matter. I don't necessarily look things up like my husband does, I enjoy the textures and compositions. My favorites right now are from Loubee. A great friend and Grandpa who gave me maps from his fishing days in Alaska when they still used paper. He was worried about them being all faded and wrinkled..... but that makes them the best.

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