Monday, June 28, 2010

Research says....

As a teacher, I have been trained to research. Do my own, and to read other's findings. Education has primary sources for this, reliable data bases, authors, and of course the latest trends (and tests!).

What about art? I am in the between place. My focus for the last two weeks has been nothing but my art. Painting, organizing my studio, at the printer to figure out my new prints and check out the scans, learning how to blog and attempting the etsy stuff. I have bungled some and had a few ahaa moments on another. I guess this is life no matter what you are focusing on.

How does research tie in here? I am trying to get to that. I have also been spending countless hours on the web, reading other artists blogs, perusing art etsy sites. Being totally visual (surprise), I am totally drawn to layouts, colors, and textures- basically the composition of the sites that I am visiting. I haven't figured out how to translate all I have researched into my own blog or etsy store, but am working on it!

First I found this artists who blog, with links I will need months to follow. There are blogs, interview with artists, and great websites- eye candy galore.
Kitty Genius uses flicker on the side bar of her blog for a cool slide show, how to do that?
The article about Looking good Naked sucked me right in here. Not just the title, but the article, visuals on the entire blog, and the wealth of information for working artists on the business side.
Thanks to all of you bloggers, artists, etc who make research worthwhile!

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